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Accident Attorney Miami

If you decide to file a claim because of the injuries you sustained in an accident or fall, in that case, you have the option to include an expert witness to help win your personal injury case. At Family Medical Clinic, we specialize in treating auto accident victims in Miami and work with car accident lawyers in Miami, FL, to serve as expert witnesses.

The Role of Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses play an essential role in personal injury claims than regular witnesses. The difference between regular witnesses and expert witnesses is that a regular witness is a person that was at the scene of the accident and can affirm what they saw. In contrast, expert witnesses weren't present during the accident but had a high level of experience in the field.

Expert witnesses can testify about how the accident occurred, the extent of the injuries sustained, the amount of medical treatment required, and the wage loss. At Family Medical Clinic, we can help you consult with a Miami car accident attorney for your case and help form the best strategy. A car accident attorney can help you develop a theme for your case. 

An attorney will provide official witness related to the accident circumstances, the result of emotional trauma, or the extent of your injuries. The defense lawyer may deny these witnesses but can often help your case. 

Medical Experts

At Family Medical Clinic, we can testify about the cause of your injury as well as the extent. And if you will need ongoing medical procedures in the future, we can also help you. Our experts have experience and knowledge in a variety of medical cases and diagnoses. We will work with you to help you know and understand your options.

Medical Review 

Car accident law firms in Miami rely on us to review complex medical files. Our dedicated team of clinical professionals performs detailed reviews for your claim. Through our reviews, we can offer valuable insight into complex cases by analyzing medical issues, developing a chronology, exposing and understanding prior conditions, and determining future medical care.

We can fully navigate the complexities of medical cases and offer valuable insight. Our reviews are mostly done before trial or deposition to evaluate the critical issues and provide specific details for witnesses to testify in your case.

What We Do 

At Family Medical Clinic, we'll take our time to know and understand your case needs. After careful consideration of the circumstances and facts surrounding your specific matter, we'll choose an experienced and well-qualified accident attorney Miami for your litigation. We'll also provide you medical help at every stage of the legal proceeding. 

Let Our Team Help You Through This Challenging Process  

Over the years, Family Medical Clinic has been treating auto accident victims and collaborates with lawyers to serve as expert witnesses if you need legal help. If you need assistance, contact us today to access our network of medical consultants and expert witnesses in every recognized medical specialty.

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