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Alcohol is a common addiction in America and the world. This case is because most people do not associate illicit drug use with the readily available alcohol beverage. Developing a cocaine addiction sounds like the real drug problem, whereas an alcohol addiction can be blurry.

A dependence on alcohol will affect more than just the brain. The chemicals of the element will cause adverse effects on other body parts and result in severe detriment of health.

  • Kidneys
  • Pancreas
  • Stomach
  • Liver Brain
  • Skin
  • Lungs
  • Reproductive System
  • Esophagus
  • Heart
  • Bones

Modern science makes it easy for our generation to get back on track after months or even years of abusing alcohol.

The first detox step of detoxification is to evaluate the medical and psychological state of the patient. The results will help Coastline Behavioral Health understand the severity of the addiction, and formulate an alcohol detox in Orange County that will administer effective and safe results.

How long is the detoxification process?

The period of detox varies according to the particulars of the patient. The team of medical physicists will factor in the following data from the assessment stage.

  • The volume and concentration of alcohol the person drinks
  • The length of the person’s drinking history
  • The rate of drinking
  • Specific details such as age, weight, and gender of the patient
  • The genetic makeup of the body
  • Use of other drugs such as tobacco
  • Overall health and existence of other serious illnesses
  • The mental state of the patient

Beginning stage

The early stages of alcohol detoxification are not straining to the body. People with a mild to moderate addiction to alcohol have a higher tolerance to the elimination aspects of the process. They may, however, notice a growing obsession due to withdrawal symptoms of anxiety and insomnia.

Withdrawal of a mildly affected patient will kick it in about three days after their last drink. Patients with mild symptoms will benefit from outpatient services and short-term detoxification processes. The withdrawal wears off after the fifth and seventh days.

The latter stages of detoxification

Acute addictions will have the accompaniment of severe withdrawal symptoms. These patients will experience seizures, hallucinations, fevers, and extreme depression. The supervisory team of medics will prioritize stabilizing the patient’s electrolytes, blood pressure, and temperature before performing the detoxification. They will also adjust the nutritional diet before and after the detox.

The latter stage that occurs after the seventh day will have life-threatening conditions such as delirium tremens. The medics will administer drugs to lessen the severity and ease transition to a less intense withdrawal phase.

Drugs administered during an alcohol detox in Orange County


These drugs calm the nervous system and reduce muscle spasms, anxiety, and insomnia. The patient will be under a three-day prescription for short-acting symptoms and longer for more severe cases.


The drug reduces the craving for alcohol and inhibits the feeling of a high. This medication is better for the later stages of the detox because it can trigger withdrawal signs.


The drug regulates the brain’s normal functioning after years of chemical interference.



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