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dual diagnosis treatment center Ventura

Dual diagnosis is when a patient is evaluated by a trained professional and found to have an addiction and mental health disorder. According to a 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), around 9.2 million adults in the U.S. have co-occurring disorders. However, only a fraction receive treatment for both, while the majority receive no care at all.

At Enlight Treatment Center, we operate the leading dual diagnosis treatment center in Ventura. With our services, we seek to fill the treatment gap in the country by giving more individuals suffering from mental health conditions and addiction the treatment they need and deserve.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis treatment provides care and support for co-occurring disorders simultaneously. This is unlike in the past, where patients were required to get help for drug or alcohol abuse before enrolling in mental health programs.

Research has revealed that treating co-existing disorders at the same time is more successful than separately addressing the disorders. When mental health illnesses and SUDs are separated, the risk of relapse is high since underlying issues are not addressed in rehab.

Our unsurpassed alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Ventura, CA, includes dual diagnosis because we know that substance use and mental health illnesses often overlap. Diagnosis is made after a comprehensive evaluation by an experienced and highly qualified psychiatrist, physician, or other addiction treatment specialist trained in dual diagnosis.

Qualified Dual Diagnosis Treatment Providers

It’s imperative to receive treatment from a trained professional since dual diagnosis is more complex and challenging to deal with compared to mental health and substance use disorders that exist on their own.

When using alcohol or drugs and dealing with a mental health illness, you may experience similar symptoms. Also, different mental health illnesses exhibit almost identical symptoms. As such, distinguishing one from the other can be hard. You’ll, therefore, require a thorough evaluation from the finest specialists to identify the exact disorders you have without missing any or misdiagnosing.

Professionals who provide substance use services during dual diagnosis treatment include therapists, counselors, physicians, psychologists, and case managers. Our drug rehab and alcohol treatment is delivered through an individualized plan that also addresses any existing mental health disorders.

We offer one-on-one therapy, crucial in treating co-occurring disorders. Therapy allows you to open up about the emotional and psychological struggles you’re dealing with alongside your alcohol or drug use disorder.

During your sessions with a personal therapist, you’ll be able to explore your feelings healthily and learn how to manage them effectively to prevent unpleasant symptoms. You’ll also receive medication such as anti-depressants and anxiolytics if deemed necessary by our specialists.

Comprehensive Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many people receive substance abuse detox and treatment in Ventura County but fail to get help for underlying mental health issues. This inevitably leads them back to using. Our premier dual diagnosis treatment center in Ventura ensures guests access comprehensive, professional assistance for co-occurring disorders. If you are ready for addiction to be a thing of the past, get the help you need today. Contact Enlight Treatment Center for affordable luxury drug and alcohol rehab in Ventura County, CA: 1-866-604-0727.

dual diagnosis treatment center Ventura

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dual diagnosis treatment center Ventura

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