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Enamel is one of the hardest substances on Earth. Unfortunately, acid from the foods you eat and bacteria in your mouth can eat the enamel of your teeth away. Fluoride helps keep enamel strong and aids in cavity prevention and sometimes even reversal by helping your enamel to re-mineralize and harden.

The hard surface of your roots is called cementum. If cementum is exposed to the oral environment it is prone to decay because it isn’t as strong as the enamel that covers the crown of a tooth. Fluoride application to root surfaces can help reduce the risk for future decay. Another benefit to fluoride use is its desensitization effects. Topical fluoride application to sensitive areas of exposed roots can help them to re-mineralize and close off the microscopic tubules leading to the nerve from the oral environment.

Professional fluoride treatment is a safe and effective way of reducing your risk of dental decay. We use the latest proven methods of fluoride application to safely deliver fluoride to your teeth.

Reasons to get a professional fluoride application:

  • Topical fluoride application in children and adults that are moderate and high risk for caries (decay)
  • Desensitization for exposed root surfaces
  • Decay prevention on exposed root surfaces
  • Fluoride application surrounding metal orthodontic braces and brackets

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