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Fort Worth Teen Detox

Clearfork Academy is a top-rated Fort Worth teen detox center with evidence-based therapies, customized medical detox, and exceptional sober living programs. We offer the highest quality addiction care in a ranch-style environment and help teenagers embrace sobriety in the long term. Here are the primary things to consider before choosing a detox center for your teenager:

1. Licensed rehab with accredited staff members

While it is a nerve-wracking experience to send your adolescent to a Fort Worth teens and adolescent residential treatment center, it will save them from addiction and potentially change their future forever. Check the experience, education, and training level of the clinical staff at a rehab center to ensure your son/daughter receives the highest level of addiction care.

2. Evidence-based treatments and therapies

Medical detox is the first stage of the recovery process in any drug and alcohol rehabilitation for teenagers. However, it is critical to follow up detox with counseling, behavioral therapies, individual and group therapies to help your teenager attain comprehensive recovery from addiction. At our rehab for teens in Fort Worth, we use psychotherapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, etc. to identify addiction’s underlying causes. We then use motivational enhancement therapy, experiential therapy, and family therapy to equip patients with essential skills to tackle triggers and cravings to prevent relapse in the long-term.

3. Patient-centered approach and 24/7 medical care

The withdrawal symptoms that patients experience during detox can be dangerous, and they must remain under close supervision to avoid any health complications. As one of the leading rehabs to offer addiction treatment for teens, we provide around-the-clock medical care in a fully-equipped treatment center for all our detox patients. Our staff members monitor patients 24/7 for suicidal and self-harming behaviors and other physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. We manage the withdrawal symptoms with medications and therapy to help teenagers attain a safe and speedy recovery.

4. Comfortable accommodation and modern amenities

It is essential to get your teenager into one of the upscale rehab facilities to make sure they enjoy the highest level of comfort during detox. Getting your teenager into a Fort worth adolescents rehabilitation with the best accommodation and amenities can reduce the impact of withdrawal. As one of the top-rated rehabs in Fort Worth, we offer comfortable accommodations and well-rounded and nutritious meals to nourish the patients’ minds, bodies, and spirits.

5. Academics

While you want your son or daughter to heal and recover from addiction, you also don’t want him/her to miss out on school and lag behind other kids their age. As one of the premier rehabs for teenagers, we run a fully licensed high school, prepare adolescents academically, and offer them the best quality addiction treatment.

Trust Clearfork Academy to help your teenager overcome his addiction. Call 866-650-5212 for more details on admissions and verify your insurance. We are one of the few Fort Worth teen detox centers offering high school education to patients, along with medication management, therapy, and counseling for sustainable sobriety moving forward.

Fort Worth Teen Detox

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Fort Worth Teen Detox

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