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During your visit, Dr. Mork and Dr. Johnson will review any changes to your medical history since your previous visit. Although this usually only takes a small portion of the appointment, it is essential information for us to treat you safely.

What we need to know:

  • Updated list of medications, including dosing and frequency
  • Recent hospitalizations or surgeries
  • New diagnoses or conditions
  • Resolution of previous conditions or illnesses

Why do we need to know all of this?

We want to make sure that we are treating you in the best way possible. For example, certain medical conditions or medications may prevent some patients from being able to safely recline fully in our dental chair. If your illness or medications put you at increased risk for decay or infection, we may discuss options to lower that risk at your appointment. Some common ailments that impact oral health include:

  • Diabetics are at an increased risk of periodontal disease.
  • Arthritis lowers your ability to clean your teeth well with a manual toothbrush. We may help you find a new technique or recommend a power toothbrush.
  • Many medications cause dry mouth. A healthy mouth is full of saliva that helps to wash away the food that decay-causing bacteria eat. Without healthy saliva production, you are often at increased risk of tooth decay.

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