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During your appointment, your dentist or hygienist will take time to evaluate your oral health. After a thorough evaluation of your lips, cheeks, gums, teeth, tongue, tonsils, throat and roof of your mouth your dental care provider will discuss any anomalies that you should be aware of. We will also check your bite and jaw for problems. We recommend x-rays when we perform a complete oral examination so that we can accurately assess the health of your tissues that aren’t visible to the naked eye like your bone, between your teeth, and the inside of your teeth. If you have active tooth decay or cavities or are someone who is prone to decay, we will review your risk factors and help you devise a plan to reduce your risk of future decay. Similarly, if you have lost bone level due to a gum or periodontal infection, we will discuss a home care regimen that will help you manage your oral health and diminish your risk of additional bone loss. Additionally, we will recommend a recall interval that is personalized for your specific dental needs.

Once you lose bone in your jaw and around your teeth, your body is unable to fabricate more. Teeth will loosen over time and eventually will be lost. This is why it is critical to stay on top of your regular dental appointments.

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