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Religious Based Sex Addiction Treatment Facility

Religious Based Sex Addiction Treatment Facility

Boulder recoveries is a Christ-centered and clinically innovative porn and sex addiction recovery program providing help for porn-addicted Christians by facilitating an authentic connection with God, their partners, and themselves.

We understand that pornography and Christian is a real problem. That is why our approach to treating addiction to pornography is founded on the belief that Jesus Christ’s shed blood is the only way to get lasting redemption from sex addiction. The program uses the TINSA® treatment model (Trauma-Induced Sexual Addiction) to heal the traumatic experiences and attachment wounds driving addictive behaviors and problematic thinking around sex and intimacy. We offer the following programs.

Trauma-Focused Care

We believe God’s heart is to heal and make broken things whole that is why we found a way to combine advancements in science with our understanding of how God created the human brain. The goal is to heal traumatic experiences and attachment wounds that inform addictive behavior and the wrong notions about sex and limit sexual experience.

Our approach allows us to respond to our patients’ trauma by looking at the renewal of the new life offered in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This unique model helps us treat the fractures caused by life’s hardships to forge or maintain a faithful relationship with God and with self. This way, we can help our patients get lasting change and freedom from sexual sin and addiction.

Partner Support Program

Boulder Recovery provides a treatment program that comprises support for partners who have been affected by what we call “the trauma of betrayal.” These partners receive 10-hours of support in our virtual and confidential program at no additional cost. This program is done via online psychoeducation, care, and interaction during the men’s intensive with a betrayal trauma specialist.

 We are highly partner sensitive and focus on helping the addict understand and repair the damage caused to their partner and the relationship.

Our Facilities

Patients at facilities get to enjoy accommodations and meals(all meals included) in a beautiful and peaceful setting in Boulder, Colorado. They get to live with other people struggling with sex addiction in a private and secure home.

This home is located near the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and it has a great view of the Continental Divide that rises to heights of 14,000 feet. If you have a thing for the outdoors, you will get to explore nearby hiking trails and abundant wildlife.

Owing to the nature of our treatment which deals with the root causes of sex addiction, we limit the number of attendees to just 12 men per intensive to ensure each client receives personalized treatment.

We have some of the best Boulder Colorado sex addiction therapists for men who provide 24- hour supervision for our patients’ spiritual and emotional healing. That is why we are seen as a facility with the best porn addiction treatment in Boulder. Let us pray for you. If you feel ashamed about your problem, don’t! We’ve been there ourselves, and we want to share with you how Christ – and Christ alone – can change your life. 






Religious Based Sex Addiction Treatment Facility

Boulder Recovery


Religious Based Sex Addiction Treatment Facility

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