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4 Major Reasons Patients Avoid Dental Appointments

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Have you ever put off going to the dentist for a regular check-up or treatment? If so, you are not in the minority. Most people have at least one story of avoiding an oral healthcare appointment. Various reasons may cause you to skip an appointment – all of which can be addressed with the right support.

At Crosstown Family Dental, we are passionate about providing family dentistry. Part of that commitment involves helping patients remove barriers to essential care. When you struggle to keep up-to-date with your appointments, reach out for help getting back on track. Crosstown Family Dental will find a way to help you keep a dental schedule.

1. Dental Phobias

Dental phobia is perhaps the most common reason that patients avoid the dentist. From fear of instruments to anxiety surrounding post-treatment pain, there is a spectrum of psychological hurdles associated with dental phobias.

2. Cost Concerns

If your South Minneapolis dentist does not have flexible payment options, the cost of dental treatment may put you off arranging an appointment. Crosstown Family Dental will work with you to find payment solutions, even when you do not have insurance.

3. Time Constraints

Busy work or home life can make it difficult or impossible to schedule dental appointments. The good news is, Crosstown Family Dental can facilitate most lifestyles. We also offer emergency dentistry so you can receive treatment when injury or sudden dental pain occurs.

4. Negative Attitude towards Dental Health

For some patients, finding a South Minneapolis dentist who is passionate about dental health is a challenge. If you are not receiving the education and inspiration needed to maintain a daily oral hygiene routine, it may be time to change dentists.

Crosstown Family Dental is here to help you overcome all the challenges of attending appointments with your South Minneapolis dentist. Call today to learn more about our compassionate oral healthcare.

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