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Choose Treatment Options for Teeth Whitening in Edina

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Besides maintaining strong and healthy teeth, most dental patients would agree that whiteness is the most significant oral health concern. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for creating the perfect white smile and relying on over-the-counter products is not guaranteed to work. If you want to improve the appearance of your teeth, the dentist is always the way to go. 

A consultation at Crosstown Family Dental will allow our team to access your Teeth Whitening needs in Edina. Ideally, we would prefer to ensure that teeth remain natural, which means opting for the least invasive procedures at our Richfield offices. 

Teeth Whitening near Edina

For teeth whitening near where you live in Edina, Crosstown Family Dental offers custom whitening trays. This device is specially made to fit your teeth. A professional strength whitening gel is then used to improve the appearance of the teeth. When using your custom whitening tray and gel, it is essential to follow directions to the letter. 

In some cases, a whitening gel is not the most appropriate solution for improving the aesthetics of teeth. Instead, you may benefit from porcelain veneers which can cover any staining or discoloration that is impossible to remove with teeth whitening gel. 

Smile Makeover

If your dentist does not recommend teeth whitening in Edina using professional gel or veneers, we have plenty of other smile restoration solutions. The health and general condition of your teeth will help our team determine the best way forward. For example, we may recommend crowns to repair broken teeth. Alternatively, patients with missing teeth will benefit from a bridge, dental implant, or denture. 

We understand that oral health varies from patient to patient. When you trust Crosstown Family Dental for your teeth whitening in Edina, our team will provide solutions for rebuilding your smile with effective and affordable treatments.

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