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Comfortable and Low Maintenance Dental Implants in Edina, MN

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Missing or broken teeth are disruptive and increase your risk of losing more teeth. In addition, your dental structure weakens once you lose your first tooth, causing other teeth to loosen and shift out of place. Fortunately, dental implants in Edina, MN, can help stop this dismal dental health spiral.

Replacing missing teeth with permanent implants can restore normal dental function while obtaining and maintaining a healthy, natural-looking smile. Furthermore, implants are more comfortable than dentures and make eating and speaking considerably easier. They are also simple to keep clean with routine dental maintenance.

Getting dental implants in Edina, MN, is an intelligent choice you will be pleased with.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants in Edina, MN, can restore a single lost tooth or several teeth using a bridge.

A permanent dental implant is a titanium “root” device embedded below the gums into the jawbone. The implant is inserted in the jaw where the natural root would have been, with great care and without pain. Subsequently, it fuses with the jawbone. A crown can then be attached to this implant. Since dental implants connect to bone, restorations feel like real teeth.

How are Dental Implants Low-Maintenance?

Dental implant care is simple. Unlike dentures than must be removed for cleaning after every meal and at night, dental implants are fixed and only need to be brushed and flossed normally. In addition, you should visit your dentist at Crosstown Family Dental in Edina, MN, every six months for professional cleaning and checkup, just as you should with natural teeth.

How are Dental Implants More Comfortable?

Fixed dental implants are secure, helping restore full chewing power. As a result, you can eat foods like peanut butter and carrots again without worrying about your teeth popping out of place. Also, you will never again feel the discomfort of food particles getting stuck under your denture plate if you get dental implants in Edina, MN.  

Getting Dental Implants in Edina, MN

Dental implant placement in Edina, MN, causes little discomfort. Thanks to technological advancements, it is a modest surgical procedure that requires only a short office visit and a brief recovery period. After that, your new dental implants will provide beauty and comfort for decades.

For more information about dental implants in Edina, MN, or to schedule a consultation with crosstown Family Dental’s Dr. Monk or Dr. Johnson, email our office or contact us today at (612) 866-5014.

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