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Is Your Family Dentist in Edina Accommodating?

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Families generally face greater challenges than individuals when it comes to dentistry. There are partners, spouses, and children to consider when arranging appointments. In addition, work and school commitments can get in the way. And then, there is the fact that active kids are more likely to suffer accidental injuries to teeth.

With all these hurdles and more to contemplate, it is important for parents that a dentist is accommodating. Working with families means offering the convenience of scheduling, providing excellence in education, and offering affordable dentistry.

Dental Phobias

Most dental phobias begin to develop in childhood, so finding an understanding dentist in Edina is crucial for many parents. Oral health can suffer if a child is too frightened to go through checkups and necessary treatment. With patience and compassion, an experienced dentistry team can help your child overcome their fears.

Appointment Scheduling

All the commitments of life can get in the way of maintaining oral health. If you are struggling to stick to scheduled appointments, it helps to work with a dentist who values patient convenience over the needs of the practice. At Crosstown Family Dental in Richfield, MN, we focus on providing the highest level of care for busy patients and kids.

Dentistry for All Ages

From children to grandparents, a family dentist in Edina should cater to every generation. Families who attend appointments together are more committed to maintaining oral care. When grandparents are involved, that’s even more motivation for everybody to succeed together. Crosstown Family Dental provides all the education and support you will need to achieve your agreed goals.

Lifelong Dentistry

For the best results in oral health, sticking with the same dentist from the first tooth to the last is preferable. Crosstown Family Dental is the perfect fit if you want your kids to have an established and beneficial relationship with their dentist. Our team is comprised of dentistry professionals who love working with patients of all ages.

To learn more about your friendly family dentist in Edina, reach out to Crosstown Family Dental today to arrange your first appointment.

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