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See A Brighter Future for Stained Teeth

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Your smile is a window of joy to the world. Laughing and smiling are how we engage with each other. Connecting with family members, catching the eye of that special someone or even positively influencing your career all begin with a confident grin.

 If you don’t feel comfortable with the quality of your teeth, this can severely impact your quality of life. You might shy away from social situations, hide your mouth with your hand in photos or appear grumpy or unapproachable. Discoloration or staining of the teeth could be one of the reasons you are afraid to let yourself shine. 

Causes of Stained or Discolored Teeth

There are many factors in everyday life that can contribute to tooth discoloration. Unfortunately, this problem will worsen over time, leaving the teeth permanently discolored and unattractive. 

Food and drink are common culprits in tooth staining. For example, black tea, coffee and red wine will tarnish the natural whiteness of teeth. Soy sauce, berries and curries are lesser-known culprits. In addition, red fruit juice and cola and having a high sugar content that can damage teeth may influence staining. 

Tobacco is well known to cause serious health complications, and darkened teeth act as a visual reminder of the dangers of smoking. Conversely, water is an essential requirement for wellness, but consuming water with a high fluoride content can cause brown spots to appear on the teeth. This is especially true for children. Some medications will also contribute to tooth discoloration. 

Regain Your Confidence with Crosstown Family Dental

At Crosstown Family Dental, we recommend a thorough tooth cleaning regimen, along with a balanced diet and ceasing smoking to maintain beautiful white teeth. If the damage has already been done, we offer a range of treatments to return the shine to your smile. Contact our office in Minneapolis today to discuss your options.

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