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Talk to your Dentist about Tooth Whitening

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Pristine, white teeth make for an engaging smile. Unfortunately, many common foodstuffs cause the teeth to stain yellow, brown or off-white. Coffee, tea and soda are well-known culprits, but otherwise healthy foods like tomato-based sauces, blueberries and beets also affect tooth color. 

Stained teeth can lower confidence and affect personal relationships, as unwillingness to smile makes you seem unapproachable and standoffish. As a result, at Crosstown Family Dental, we have observed more people than ever seeking teeth whitening in Minneapolis, MN. 

Choose a Safe Method of Tooth Whitening

There are many options available for teeth whitening in Minneapolis, MN. However, not all these products will deliver the desired result. Additionally, there are many products out there that could be unsafe to use. 

At-home kits are easily obtained for teeth whitening in Minneapolis, MN, and take the form of a tray, mouthwash or gel containing hydrogen peroxide. However, your dental needs are unique, and applying a dangerous chemical to your teeth without professional advice can become detrimental to your oral health. 

If you already have damaged enamel, the hydrogen peroxide can permeate the tooth, leading to irritation, damage to the tooth pulp and erosion. In addition, commercially available dental trays will not accurately fit the contours of your mouth. Finally, if the active ingredient leaks onto the gums, soft tissue damage, blistering and pain will result. 

Beauty salons and mall kiosks offer teeth whitening in Minneapolis, MN, which may seem like a cost-effective alternative to professional dentistry. However, this practice is illegal in many states, and you should be extremely cautious of teeth whitening in Minneapolis, MN, which does not involve a professionally licensed dentist. Risks include damaged and lost teeth due to unregulated chemicals. 

For teeth whitening in Minneapolis, MN, turn to a dentist you can trust. At Crosstown Family Dental, we perform a comprehensive review of your dental health to determine the intensity of whitening you need. All tools and chemical formulas will be tailored to your specific needs. So don’t risk your smile. Contact Crosstown Family Dental today.

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