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When You Have a Dental Emergency

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We are well into the 21st century, and with all the advances mankind has made in technology, you would think that dental emergencies would be on the decline. Yet, despite all the preventive care, better resources, and new dental technology provided by offices such as your Bloomington, MN dentist, visits to hospital emergency rooms and urgent care centers for dental issues are still on the rise. The cost for these visits is about $2 billion a year. Approximately 1.5 to 2.5% of all hospital emergency room visits are due to dental emergencies.

ERs Lack Suitable Care

You will seldom find a hospital emergency room or urgent care center that is adequately equipped to care for dental emergencies. In many cases, the standard procedure is to examine the patient and prescribe pain relievers or possibly antibiotics, then tell the patient to seek dental care as soon as possible. Equipment and qualified dental personnel are seldom, if ever, on-call to address dental emergencies. Most of these types of emergencies are due to toothache pain, often related to an abscessed tooth. Fortunately, emergency dental care is available in the right place.

Bloomington, MN Dentist Offers Emergency Care

Crosstown Family Dental provides emergency dental care for patients who need it. Dental emergencies require the training and expertise of a qualified dentist. Diagnostic imaging is often necessary to determine the extent of the problem. Your dentist provides not only pain relievers and antibiotics if necessary but also the most effective treatment. 

A serious toothache can be the result of several factors. Your dentist knows exactly what to look for and can determine the best solution to eliminate or minimize your discomfort while addressing its cause. Going to an ER or urgent care center ultimately only drags out the discomfort without getting the necessary treatment until later. It becomes a matter of an ongoing issue or getting treatment and resolution right away. For your health and wellbeing, it is much better for you to make a call to your Bloomington, MN dentist and get the emergency dental care you need when you need it.

Crosstown Family Dental provides you with excellent patient-centered care for regular dental and emergency situations. When you have a dental emergency, give us a call so you can get better sooner.

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