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Why Your Child Needs Pediatric Dental Care 

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A few months after a child is born, they begin getting their first teeth and building their smile. Those small baby teeth are just the beginning – they will receive dozens of baby and adult teeth by the time they reach adulthood. From the very start, it is important that your child receives pediatric dental care. Crosstown Family Dental is your source for a pediatric dentist in Eden Prairie, MN, and we want to share with you why your child needs routine dental care from an early age. 

Baby’s First Dental Visit

The widespread agreement amongst pediatric dental specialists is that the first dental checkup should  come by the first birthday. This visit is the first opportunity for the child’s teeth to be examined and for parents to get an update on their child’s oral health. In addition, during this first checkup, new parents can be educated in cleaning and caring for their child’s teeth. 

Child Checkups and Teeth Cleanings

Although baby teeth will fall out in a few years, they are still very important. You do not want these teeth to become decayed or infected – it can impact your child’s oral health and function if lost too early. Therefore, our pediatric dentist in Eden Prairie, MN, recommends that most children have checkups at least once a year, ideally twice yearly. These visits are vital for:

  • Checking for any cavities or other oral disease
  • Monitoring teeth development 
  • Performing preventive care such as teeth sealants
  • Thoroughly cleaning teeth of tartar and plaque 
  • Instructing kids and parents on oral hygiene 

Dental checkups for kids can keep their teeth healthy, both their primary and secondary sets of teeth. Healthy teeth are critical for developing proper speech patterns, chewing, and a beautiful smile. 

If you are looking for a compassionate and experienced pediatric dentist in Eden Prairie, MN, come see us at Crosstown Family Dental. We are conveniently located near Eden Prairie in Richfield, MN. Call us today and schedule a cleaning and a checkup for your child – we look forward to meeting your family! 

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